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Elsa Is Coming by keiku
by keiku

This is an excellent image where the color blue dominates the image. You masterfully keep both visuals and text to a minimum. You limit...

This is one amazing rendition of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. You did many great things in the process of making this image...

SLEEPING BEAUTY - Diamond Edition (BLU-RAY) by Chris-Darril

This is simply an excellent Blu-Ray cover design. It shows all the important characters in one image, and it creates an excellent spook...

Spring time is here by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art

I like the level of visual contrast that this image features. The image is dominated by a cold, barren landscape devoid of plant life. ...


Princess Aurora's Nightmare by QuantumInnovator
Princess Aurora's Nightmare
I imagine while Princess Aurora was asleep after pricking her finger on the spindle, she must have been dreaming while waiting for Prince Phillip. So I made the image above and the text below to illustrate what she might have been dreaming about.

After living the first sixteen years of her life as an ordinary peasant girl by the name of Briar Rose, Briar Rose was about to begin her life as Princess Aurora.

Or was she?

Because, at the moment, she did not look fit to be a princess. Her once beautiful royal blue dress was splattered with mud, along with the cape that came with it. And she had no one to blame but herself.

Shortly earlier, she had been crying about never getting to see the man she fell in love with. But she stopped crying and composed herself. Then she walked out of her room, into the hallway, and out of the castle. The size and grandeur of the palace took her breath away. Never in her life had she dreamed that she was really the princess of a wonderful kingdom.

Now she was outdoors. All she had to do was mentally remove the castle and the walls surrounding it in her mind, and she was back home. She decided to do what she had been doing the morning of her sixteenth birthday, and that was pick berries.

But first she needed a basket, or something to hold the berries. She looked around for a basket. The search was a long search, but the fact that it was taking place in such a beautiful setting made it more pleasurable. Finally, she found some gardener's equipment. There was a watering can, collections of seeds, and a basket. She picked up the basket and got to work.

There was a wide variety of berries on the trees of the palace grounds. There were blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It took her more than an hour to collect all the berries. Being out in the sunlight again and collecting the berries brightened her mood. Aurora's mood was so brightened that she began dancing and singing again. Maybe she could get to see that man again. Maybe she could order a search party and have the mystery man brought to her, now that she was about to become a princess.

Her mood brightened at the expense of her spatial awareness, however. Meaning that she wasn't watching where her feet were going. Her right foot-the foot you wanted to get off on-scraped against a rock. And before she knew it, the once horizontal ground flipped ninety degrees, smacking her against her feet, kneecaps, chest, and face.

When Aurora's body fell, her mood fell with it. She cautiously but progressively rose to her feet, picked up her crown with her right hand, and walked back to her room. Her heart was now thumping. She could not only feel it in her chest, she could hear it in her ears.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt like crying, and she would have if she had not cried herself dry of tears earlier. She placed her crown back on her head. Thankfully, her face, her crown, and her necklace were untarnished. But the dress beneath appeared soiled beyond repair.

She hoped that no one would walk in and see her like this. What would her real mother and father, the King and Queen, say when they saw how disgraceful she looked? Would she be banished from the kingdom? Executed? And what about the three women who raised her and made the dress specifically for this special occasion? The dress was more beautiful than anything she had worn before, more beautiful than anything she had seen before, more beautiful than anything she had even imagined.

Was. That was the big word here.

She was expected to be a princess, and princesses were not supposed to get so much as a speck of dirt on their royal finery. They were supposed to be models of grace, beauty and dignity. She looked down at the table, feeling unworthy of the crown placed upon her head.

Suddenly she heard footsteps. Oh, no! Someone was coming!

The footsteps were fast, and they were getting louder-and closer.

Who was coming? What would they say? What would they do?

What would she say? What would she do?

Inexplicably, she felt a warm kiss upon her lips.

In a few short moments, her scenery had changed. Instead of sitting in front of a mirror, she was now lying in a bed. And the man she met on her sixteenth birthday, the man who she thought was lost forever, was smiling at her.

He pulled back the covers, and Aurora looked at her gown. It was no longer smudged or stained or soiled in any way. It was perfect. With Prince Phillip's kiss, her nightmare had ended, and her happily ever after began.

She and Phillip walked arm in arm down the stairs.

She embraced her parents.

She danced with Phillip, and when the dancing and celebration finally ended, she returned to her room to go to sleep. That's when she saw her dress was pink.

At that moment, she learned the three women who raised her were really fairies, and that they had saved her from certain death, among other things. With this new knowledge, Aurora slept better than she had ever slept before. If the fairies could save her life and help Prince Phillip slay Maleficient, they could certainly save any dress and get her out of any trouble she got into in the future.

Feel free to leave feedback on both this image and the story.
Philosoraptor on women's halloween costumes by QuantumInnovator
Philosoraptor on women's halloween costumes
I would love to make a documentary on this topic. It would show home photos and movies of women's Halloween costumes from the 1900s, the 1910s, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s, all the way up to present day.

I could do a similar documentary for women's bathing suits. One picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing is believing and hearing is doubting, especially in this day and age.

If lumber yards sold lumber the way Halloween stores sell women's halloween costumes, the slabs of wood would be so small you would not be able to find a slab big enough to cover the surface area of a single door or window. I would rather make slabs of wood that are too big and give people the opportunity to cut them down with a saw than make slabs of wood that are too small.

If I was running a Halloween store, I would only women's costumes that do not show cleavage or any part of the leg above the kneecap. If and when any women complain that the costumes I sell are too frumpy or old-fashioned or don't show enough skin or whatever, I'll tell them, "Have you ever heard of scissors?"
Philosoraptor on selfies by QuantumInnovator
Philosoraptor on selfies
Any and all answers to this question would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure you can up with other words for pictures of objects besides "selfie" and "bootie."
MST3K with Lindsey Stirling by QuantumInnovator
MST3K with Lindsey Stirling
This is what I think Lindsey Stirling and her violin would look like if they were viewed through an infrared camera (hence the joke). I wonder what the exact temperature of her bow and violin strings would be after finishing a concert.

If you're interested in answering that question, go click here to check out FLIR infrared cameras. They have an infrared camera attachment for your iPhone, as well as bigger and more advanced cameras for seeing in the dark, finding gas leaks, and even stopping fires before they start. They also build voltmeters and "threat detection" tools that can detect biological and chemical agents, explosives, and sources of radiation.

Click here to learn more about Lindsey Stirling.

Click here to learn more about Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Please download this image to fully appreciate its detail, and to get a close-up view of the strings on Lindsey's violin (they're bright red).

Click here to see the original, untainted image.
MST3K-Monsters University by QuantumInnovator
MST3K-Monsters University
Whether you're a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan or a Monsters University fan, I hope you enjoy this.

I am completely baffled as to why so few people are following in my footsteps, taking movie stills and adding the MST3K to them (and their own wisecracks).

Join me, won't you? There are multiple sites chock-full of movie screencaps out there. Here are a few for you to look at:


For the love of all that is funny and hilarious, please give me some competition.


United States
It's that time of year again-the time when everyone starts graduating from high school and/or college.  I was relatively calm when I graduated from both high school and college, but not everybody is.  For many people, graduation ceremonies bring on nervousness, tension and anxiety.  During my high school graduation rehearsal, I can remember one girl worrying she would fall, and another scared she would throw up.

If any of you reading this will be graduating soon, what are your worst fears?  And for those of you who have already graduated, have any of your worst fears come true?

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